How to Prepare for an Appointment with a Male Urologist

A male urologist appointment is a visit to the doctor specializing in diagnosing and treating diseases involving the male reproductive system. If you consider seeking out this type of specialist, it’s essential to know what to expect during your first appointment. In this article, we will discuss how to prepare for an appointment with a male urologist.

Give the doctor all your concerns

Be sure to give a complete list of any symptoms that have been going on, even if it’s embarrassing or uncomfortable. The urologist needs to know everything to determine how best to treat you and provide relief for your symptoms. Ensure you include any symptoms involving urination and sexual function, such as pain during urination, blood appearing in the urine, problems with erections, and infertility issues. This will also help the doctor develop an effective treatment plan as quickly as possible since there may be more than one condition causing issues at once.

Bring as much information as possible

Make sure to bring any medical records or relevant information on hand, such as your current medications and the names of other physicians who may be treating you for this condition. If there is a family history of conditions like prostate cancer, diabetes mellitus type II, or cardiovascular diseases, mention it. You should also come prepared to discuss your history, including what types of sex you’ve had and when you were last tested for STIs. This will help the urologist provide a proper diagnosis.

Be prepared for an examination

You may need to have a physical exam or diagnostic tests done during your appointment. It’s essential to be mentally ready and physically by wearing comfortable clothes and avoiding any lotions, powders, or colognes under arms or on feet/genitals before an appointment since these can affect test results. These exams may involve inserting fingers into the rectum (prostate) or penis (urethra), so try not to eat right before coming in when possible. Sometimes men are asked to bring in urine samples immediately before their appointment time if they cannot produce one there either due to limited storage space or to prevent the possibility of contaminating it if there is a specimen collection later.

Schedule a follow-up

After the appointment, schedule a follow-up if necessary. If you need additional tests or treatment for your symptoms, this becomes very important so that no time is wasted and action can be taken immediately. It’s also recommended that men have an annual physical exam with their primary care physician, so make sure to schedule it with that doctor in addition to the urologist.


It can be a little nerve-wracking when going to your first male urologist appointment. Following the above tips ensures that the appointment will go smoothly, resulting in a quick diagnosis and treatment plan. If you are looking for the best male urologist near you, is your answer. We are the top urology practice with board-certified specialists to diagnose and treat most male reproductive system conditions. If you still have questions, we can help with that too. Visit us online and ask a question to one of our specialists today!