What Is A Lemon Law Car?

Nobody would want to have a car with mechanical issues or defects when buying a new car. Mechanical problems can be hazardous and even lead to life-threatening accidents while driving. With the numerous producers and vendors, authorities came up with the Orange County lemon law to help prevent the buyers from vendors who sell them vehicles with problems. Read through the article to understand more about the lemon law and how it works.

What is the Lemon Law?

Lemon law is a special law that authorities passed to protect consumers who lease or buy a vehicle with a particular warranty or the original manufacturer’s cover. The law allows owners of defective vehicles eligible under this statute to get replacement or payment for the defective vehicle. The manufacturer or dealer can pay for the car by replacing, repairing, or refunding the cash.

How Does the Law Work?

Before seeking a replacement or refund from the dealer through the law, it’ll be vital to understand how the law works and the requirements. The Orange County lemon law provides conditions and requirements you must follow before declaring your vehicle eligible for refund or replacement. Before seeking the protection of this law, it’s important to ensure that your problem arises within 18 months of purchasing or before reaching 1800 miles. Importantly, it’s good to understand the law restricts all the exclusive off-road vehicles or those you’ve used for human habitation.

After meeting these requirements, the law states that the manufacturer or vendor should refund or replace your car. However, this refund or replacement comes after the company has several attempts to repair the defects or malfunctions fail. The laws will mainly require the vendor or company to replace these vehicles after two or more attempts to repair the defects fail.

Immediately your vehicle qualifies for a refund or replacement; the manufacturer needs to act swiftly and resolve the issues. During the refund, the manufacturer or vendor may have to check various essential details on your car, such as completed repairs, towering, or rental expenses. Thus, it’ll be imperative to consider keeping and producing these records while seeking a replacement or refund.


Lemon law provides relief to consumers who purchase vehicles with defects and malfunctions from different dealers or manufacturers. Once your vehicle complies with the Orange County lemon law, the law states that you need to get a complete refund or replace the car with defects. Lastly, experts recommend that if you don’t understand more about the law, it’s good to seek the services of an experienced law attorney.